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Advice on Tipping Service Professionals

Advice on Tipping Service Professionals

How Much You Should Tip Your Window Washing Service

Residential service professionals sometimes have it tough. They will generally be performing work which is sometimes gruelling and dirty. However, they do hard work and are paid accordingly, but they very rarely receive a thank you for hard work in the shape of a tip. In a poll performing recently, it was found the majority of people didn’t think these professionals needed to be tipped. One profession which most likely received a tip were maids, 28% thought they should be tipped. The lowest was swimming pool cleaners, who had 18% chance of getting tipped.

Sadly, a window washing service very rarely received a tip for their services. More so if they are working on a single story house, as most thought window washing was a quick and easy job.

Window_washing_serviceMost people did not tip their window cleaners unless they did an exceptional job or when a job was especially difficult. So, if you decide to tip your window washing service, you can tip 5 to 10%, or $5 to $10 for a traditional 3-bedroom property.

In general terms of how much a person should be tipped, it ranges from 6 dollars to 25 dollars. So, who exactly qualifies for the biggest tips?

Painters, when they receive a tip, generally receive around $25. However, only 24% actually receive tips.

The next ones on the list are furniture removers, who receive on average $17 for tips. They are also the most likely to be given a tip, and 26% say they tip their furniture removers.

Fence builders and swimming pool cleaners were ranked the least likely to receive a tip, however, when they did get one, it was around $15, which is classed as the third highest amongst the professions.

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